Decorating With Aquariums

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Aquariums are one of the most interesting decorations you can put in your house. They come in all sizes and shapes; some are low maintenance, some are elaborate and require a little dedication. But anyone, from kids to seniors can take care of and enjoy aquariums.

In the Living Room

The living room or the family room is probably the most popular place to put an aquarium in the house. Everyone spends a lot of time watching TV or just hanging out and it’s a great place to enjoy the fish.

Many people put quite large aquariums in the living room, creating a focal point. If you decide to decorate with a large aquarium, it will require a sturdy table, preferably one made for aquariums. A 55-gallon fish tank full of water weighs over 600 pounds; so a jumbo fish tank becomes something of a permanent feature, not easily moved around.

A smaller aquarium can be just as nice, and perhaps more practical for beginners. Small bowls holding no more than five gallons of water do not necessarily need filtration systems, so proximity to an outlet is not important. Whether the tank is big or small, it should be kept out of direct sunlight to avoid algae growth. If the aquarium will go in front of the window, put curtains or blinds up first.

In the Dining Room

A fish tank also makes a great dining room conversation piece, especially for people who entertain many guests. Make sure the aquarium sits in a place where guests can comfortably watch the fish as they dine.

Some designers hang “flat panel” aquariums in dining rooms. These tanks may look like they are only a few inches deep but they are actually sunk into the wall. The result is like a living picture. The designer should also set up a concealed place for the tank’s machinery and chemicals nearby.

In the Bedrooms

Many kids like to have a small fish tank on the dresser, and so do adults for that matter. As most of the time in the bedroom is spent sleeping, though, the bedroom is usually the place for a modest, relaxing display rather than a whole ecosystem.

Some designers place an aquarium within the wall between the bedroom and the bathroom, creating a spot to see through, but also to enjoy fish from both sides. If your bathroom has enough privacy, and you would like a really outstanding feature, consider an in-wall aquarium

Want to Build a Awesome Aquarium With Full of Lovely & Healthy Tropical Fishes?

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