Caring for your Tropical Discus Fish

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If you are thinking about adding to your freshwater aquarium, consider a tropical discus fish for color and beauty. Tropical discus fish are part of the chiclid family and native to the Amazon River basin. These fish are generally peaceful additions to your freshwater tank, although they can be sensitive to stress.

Compatibility becomes a concern, so avoid aggressive fish if you have tropical discus fish. A good companion to the discus might be the angel fish or smaller varieties like tetra. Just make sure that smaller varieties of fish will not be species that are eaten by the tropical discus fish. Since these fish are somewhat sensitive to their environment, it is wise to exercise some care to ensure that the habitat is right for your fish.

For example, the discus fish prefers an environment with low lighting and plenty of plant features in the tank. Since discus can be a bit skittish about the home aquarium make a comfortable habitat is a priority for a healthy fish. If you adhere to the appropriate pH balance and water temperature, and keep the water extremely clean, you should have success with keeping your tropical discus fish healthy and happy.

The Finicky Tropical Discus Fish

Just as a tropical discus fish is somewhat finicky about their environment, feeding the discus can be somewhat tricky as well. Any high protein fish food can work for your fish, but be forewarned that if you switch food on this species for any reason it may take up to a month for your fish to begin eating again. Rarely will a tropical discus fish starve itself – it will eat when hungry enough but this finicky fasting can stunt the growth of some of your younger fish.

The Beauty of the Tropical Discus Fish

The advantage to the tropical discus fish is the color and beauty it can add to your tank. The discus generally shows three layers of color. The base color can vary from a cream to a reddish- brown color, and will usually be highlighted with a secondary color of green or blue. The final color layer is the black that makes up the vertical stripes on the tropical discus fish and allows the fish to lighten and darken at will. Tropical discus fish can be a beautiful addition to your aquarium, and with a little time and research invested in their care they can also be a healthy addition for years to come.

Want to Build a Awesome Aquarium With Full of Lovely & Healthy Tropical Fishes?

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