Gearing Up for Your First Tropical Fish Pet

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No matter what type of tropical fish you would like to keep, whether you want fresh water or salt, and whether or not you plan to breed the fish, all beginning tropical fish owners should start with the same piece of equipment for their tropical fish pet - knowledge.

Do your research before you start shopping. You need to know the temperature and pH of the water for your new pet. You really need to know what kind of equipment and supplies you will need to keep the water healthy and you need to know how large a tank your pet will need and which other fish will make good friends and not good dinner.

You need to know what kind of food your tropical fish pet will need, where to get it and how to feed it to him. You need to know what kind of health problems your tropical fish pet may get, how to recognize them and how to treat them.

Your Little Fish Friend

Your new tropical fish pet will depend completely on you for the whole of its life. If it doesn’t like the food you feed it, it can’t pick up the phone and order out. It can, however, become sick, starve and live among the rotting food that it refuses. A tropical fish can live for years. Acquiring a tropical fish pet is a commitment.

Begin by getting the largest tank you can afford. A large tank keeps the water condition stable. Fluctuations in temperature won’t be felt so intensely, unsanitary conditions will not spread very quickly and you will be sure that your fish has plenty of space even if it grows larger than you planned.

Provide hiding places for your fish as having a place of retreat lowers the stress of your tropical fish pet. Increase the fish population very gradually. Use a chlorine remover on your tap water before adding it to the tank. Keep your tank away from direct sunlight to avoid encouraging the growth of algae. Become an expert in water chemistry and buy and use a water test kit.

You can find a lot of information on the Internet. Keep to the sites that are part of companies that sell equipment for tropical fish pets or are otherwise backed up by experts. The tiny brain of your tropical fish pet already “knows” what it needs and how it should be cared for. With some time and some work, you can catch up.

Want to Build a Awesome Aquarium With Full of Lovely & Healthy Tropical Fishes?

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