The Surprising Tropical Oscar Fish

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Tropical fish are beautiful to watch, soothing, decorative, classy and educational. Owners swear by them and no one is allergic to them. However, there is one drawback when compared with other pets; they are not as much fun to play with as, say, puppies. Fish literally live in their own little world. They know you exist when you feed them but there isn’t much interaction.

The exception is the surprising tropical Oscar fish. Owners of the Oscar say that the fish playfully greet the owner at feeding time and recognized the owner at his return from work. People who never saw the logic of keeping fish have fallen in love with their Oscars.

Puppy Fish

The tropical Oscar fish is multi-colored though not as beautiful as some species. They can grow over a foot long and require at least a 55 gallon tank. Oscar will eat just about anything – including tank mates. A tropical Oscar fish should share a tank only with fish of about the same size. The Oscar is as messy as its namesake in “The Odd Couple.”

It needs to have the best filtration system possible and be sure to change the water often. They will dig up any plants in the tank and rearrange objects. They are frisky fish and often bash into the tubes and parts of the filtration system, causing damage. They are great jumpers, too. The tank will need a strong hood to keep them inside.

The tropical Oscar fish originates in the Amazon and is an easy fish to care for. The water temperature should be 72 to 80 degrees with a pH of 6 to 8. They can live to the age of 13 years so be ready to establish a relationship with him. If the tank is not large enough the tropical Oscar fish can become aggressive. If you are interested in breeding them, know that they form life long pairs.

They reach sexual maturity at the size of four inches. Increase the temperature to 82 degrees and provide them a place for the eggs. There are few compatible tank mates. Any fish small enough to fit in the mouth of the tropical Oscar fish will be eaten. The Bala Shark, Silver Dollar, Pleco and Jack Dempsey may work out. They prefer a varied diet with lots of protein. They can be difficult to get used to because of their frisky behavior but that is what will make the tropical Oscar fish the most fun fish you could wish for.

Want to Build a Awesome Aquarium With Full of Lovely & Healthy Tropical Fishes?

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