Selecting Tropical Fish Types that Will Work for Your Home Aquarium

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For the newcomer to tropical fish care, the number of species of tropical fish available can be overwhelming. How do you know which types of tropical fish to choose to stock your tank? If you are confused about how to select the fish, there are some good basic guidelines to follow that will help ensure the success of your aquarium setup.

It is best to begin your fish hobby with a few easy going fish that are hardy and easier to please. It is also a good idea to begin with some tropical fish types that are smaller and less expensive. This way your initial investment stays reasonable, and as you master the art of tropical fish care you can venture out into more exotic waters and tropical fish types.

Good Choices for the Beginner

Some good tropical fish types for beginners include swordtails, mollies, platies and coryadoras catfish. Not only are these fish fairly hardy tropical fish types, but they can be chosen by color which can add to the fun of first-time fish collecting. These tropical fish types are also pretty inexpensive for that initial investment. Just be sure that the size of the tank you selected will be big enough to accommodate the fish that you bring home.

No matter what type of tropical fish you place in your tank, they will thrive much better in an aquarium that is not overcrowded. You will also need to research each type of tropical fish that you purchase so that you will know specifically how best to care for and feed that particular species. All fish can have slightly different needs as far as their care goes, so opt for tropical fish types that have similar needs so that your tank can be acclimated appropriately for all of them. You also need to know whether the types of tropical fish that you are selecting are compatible, since some are more aggressive and can terrorize and even injure some of your gentler fish.

Adding Fish to your Aquarium

If you decide to add new types of tropical fish to your already established fish tank, first make sure that your tank has room to accommodate your new fish. You also want to research the specific type of fish that you want to add to ensure that the particular species will be compatible with your other fish and the environment will be suitable for this tropical fish type as well.

Do not place your new fish into the tank immediately when you bring it home. Take some time to add tank water to the water your fish came home in. Add the water in small amounts so that the new type of tropical fish will have a chance to get used to it before you place it directly inside.

With a little research and care, you will be able to add new types of tropical fish to your aquarium to add to your enjoyment. Simply learning specific care for each type of tropical fish will ensure that your fish can all live happily and safely together.

Want to Build a Awesome Aquarium With Full of Lovely & Healthy Tropical Fishes?

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